SPAM?: Megaupload został zamknięty - Pita - 19 stycznia 2012

SPAM?: Megaupload został zamknięty

MegaUpload, jeden z największych serwisów do dzielenia się plikami został właśnie zamknięty - a założyciel strony oraz trzy inne osoby aresztowane w Nowej Zelandii. Zamknięto również MegaVideo oraz 18 innych domen związanych z "Mega kompanią”. Za torrentfreak:

“MegaUpload, one of the largest file-sharing sites on the Internet, has been shut down by federal prosecutors in Virginia. The site’s founder Kim Dotcom and three others were arrested by the police in New Zealand at the request of US authorities. MegaVideo, the streaming site belonging to same company, and a total of 18 domains connected to the Mega company were seized and datacenters in three countries raided.”

“According to the Department of Justice, the individuals named in the indictment face a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison on the charge of conspiracy to commit racketeering, five years in prison on the charge of conspiracy to commit copyright infringement, 20 years in prison on the charge of conspiracy to commit money laundering and five years in prison on each of the substantive charges of criminal copyright infringement.”

Za nytimes:

"Megaupload is currently engaged in a lawsuit with Universal over the promotional video and Universal’s efforts to have it removed from YouTube. As part of the crackdown on Megaupload, 20 search warrants were executed in nine countries, including the United States. About $50 million in assets were also seized, as well as a number of servers and 18 domain names, the authorities said. 

Ira P. Rothken, a lawyer for Megaupload, said in a phone interview on Thursday afternoon that he had not yet seen the indictment, but he added: “Clearly we have due process concerns. This was done without a hearing.”

W USA SOPA i PIPA, u nas ACTA… Żegnaj Internecie ;>? Może to o tym końcu świata mówili Majowie ;p? Śmiać się? Płakać? Zlewać? 

19 stycznia 2012 - 22:46